Small Groups

Many from our various congregations choose to belong to a small group of some kind, and value the opportunity to meet during the week as well as on a Sunday. In a large church, small group participation is certainly the most effective way to get to know people better than is possible before or after a service over a cup of coffee, enjoyable though that is!

There are more than twenty groups, which vary considerably in terms of when they meet, how they function (in terms of leadership of the group) and social activities – some of which are definitely more adventurous than others! However, all groups share a common purpose in helping one another to greater Christian maturity through Bible study, prayer, our commitment to God and one another, and in sharing our faith with friends who are not yet Christians.

We are thrilled that new people are joining us week by week, and we would really love to welcome each person to one of our groups.

If you would like more information please contact the Church Office.