Parochial Church Council (PCC)


The Parochial Church Council (PCC) takes part in the governance of the church. It takes some decisions and offers oversight for other decisions. PCC members are elected each year at the Annual General Meeting. We hope to have a variety of people on the PCC so that we have different perspectives to contribute to the discussions. PCC meets every two months and a summary of the discussions and decisions are available soon after each meeting.
Download the latest PCC minutes here

The current members of the PCC are:

Stephen Scott (Warden, PCC member)


I have been living in Chilwell since March 2016 and have greatly valued being a member of Christ Church. I have recently retired and much enjoy cycling, socialising and trying to develop “green fingers” in my own garden and at a Community Allotment.





Clint Redwood (warden)

Clint Redwood (Warden, PCC member)


Chris Brignell (PCC secretary)


I normally attend the 10.45 service with my wife, Jenny, and our children.  Usually you can find me operating the data projector or looking frazzled as the kids pull me in different directions.  Until recently Jenny and I helped lead the Inspire youth group.




Gary Stephenson_1

Gary Stephenson (PCC Treasurer)


I attend St Barnabas in Lenton Abbey and I also come to the 7 pm service from time to time. I am a retired former Finance Director for the Independent Living Fund.





John Batchelor_1

Jonathan Batchelor (PCC member)


I usually attend the 10.45 service with my wife Kathryn and our sons Samuel and Alex. I am also a volunteer in the children’s group Glow.





Dawn Clarke_1

Dawn Clarke (PCC member)


I usually attend the 10.45 service with my husband Stephen and our foster son Ziggy, but we do come to the 9 am service when helping in the kids groups once a month. I’ve been leading the church toddler group “Happy Tots” for many years.





Alan Darley_1

Alan Darley (Deanery Synod, PCC member)


I am a Phd student and part time teacher of Religious Studies. I mainly worship at the 7pm service where I play guitar in the worship band.





Tim Hills_1

Tim Hills (PCC member)


I’ve been at Christ Church with my wife, Lea, since we were students and have been involved in youth work for most of that time. We now have three children, Mattias, Naomi and Alannah. I enjoy most sports including running.





Graham Gardner

Graham Gardner (Deanery Synod, PCC member)


I am a retired Town Planner. I have worshipped at Christ Church for over 17 years, attending the 9 am service, where I am part of the welcome team. Living up to my name I am a keen gardener and proud to be a Plymouth Argyll supporter.





Helen Mather (PCC member)


Ryan Mellor_1

Ryan Mellor (PCC member)


I usually worship at the 10.45 service. I’m married to Sally and we have two young daughters. I work as a consultant ecologist, mostly advising how to assess and reduce the impact of large infrastructure projects on wildlife, in the UK and overseas. I love God and rugby.




Liam O'Boyle_1

Liam O’Boyle (Associate Priest, PCC member)

I am married to Sally with two children, Sam and Eleanor. I am the associate minister across all three services at Christ Church and chaplain to Notts County FC (because we need a lot of prayer!). My main job is Diocesan Partnerships Officer working with others to tackle poverty and homelessness across city and county, including a hands-on role at the Nottingham Winter Shelter and other charities such as transforming Notts Together. In my spare time I coach an under 14’s football team and moonlight as a taxi driver for my children!



Janis Patterson_1

Janis Patterson (PCC member)


I attend the 9 am service, am a youth leader, treasurer and helper at Happy Tots and a member of the bereavement team. I am also a Bethany Lady.





Ruth Price (PCC member)


I attend the 10.45 service and sometimes play bass in the band.  I’m married to Ben who is part of the prayer ministry team, and we have two great boys, Matthew and David.





Judith Renton_1

Judith Renton (Deanery Synod, PCC member)


I’m married to Graeme, am on the 7 pm service team, help with Ignite, and have a particular passion for inclusion and additional needs.





Christine Roseblade

Christine Roseblade (PCC member)


I am married to Graham and normally attend the 9 am service where I am involved in the music and part of the Welcome team. I am also the Barnabas Fund church rep (with Graham) and co-leader of our prayer meetings for the Persecuted Church.





Colin Slater_1

Colin Slater (General Synod, PCC member)


I started worshipping at Christ Church in January 1960, and was first elected churchwarden in 1964 and served for 38 years, during which time there were six vicars, before retiring.  In 1990 I was elected as one of our diocese’s lay members of the Church of England’s General Synod; since re-elected on five occasions and I still serve in this capacity.  I attend the 9 am service and am one of the team leading worship and preaching.



Anne Willmot_1

Anne Willmot (PCC member)








If you are interested in being part of the PCC do talk to a warden or member of PCC. If you would like the PCC to discuss something please write a letter to the PCC Secretary (Chris Brignell) or contact the church office.

Standing Committee

The Standing Committee is elected from the PCC. It meets between PCC meetings to help the work of the PCC particularly by making sure that the actions PCC has agreed are followed up.


The latest PCC minutes and other reports can be downloaded here:

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