Sunday Services

Online Services

Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic we won’t be meeting together in our building for the foreseeable future, but this doesn’t mean that we stop being church – caring for each other and worshipping God.

YouTube logoEach Sunday at 9am we will be uploading our online version of a Sunday service, with a talk, prayers and playlists of worship, both traditional and contemporary. These and other resources will on our YouTube channel. So join us online!



There would normally be three services held at Christ Church each Sunday, each with its own distinct character.

9 am service

9amThe 9 am service is a structured but friendly service based on Common Worship. It includes traditional hymns, more modern songs and a sermon. There is a small robed choir. Holy Communion is celebrated at least three times each month, the other being Morning Prayer.

Refreshments are served after the service when people who attend the 9 am service can also meet people arriving for the 10.45 am service.

10.45 am service

1045amThe 10.45 am service has particular emphasis towards families with children and young people. We start with coffee at 10.30 am and then join together in worship at 10.45 am.

This service has communion on the second Sunday of each month. Everyone who is baptised is welcome to receive bread and wine.

Groups for young people aged 0-13 run most weeks during the year. Fifth Sunday’s in a month are our all age services, as well as at Christmas and Easter.

Every every fortnight the service is interpreted into sign language for Deaf people. This is an essential part of the church’s worship, enabling access to worship for Deaf people and enriching the life of the church.

7 pm service

7pmThe 7 pm service is designed to be contemporary, informal and challenging. Whilst the service is attended by our students and young people, it appeals to a wide range of ages.

The second Sunday of each month is a Parish Celebration with extended sung worship led by a larger band. There are sometimes visiting speakers.

Communion is celebrated on the fourth Sunday of each month.

What draws people is the strong emphasis on:

  • Fellowship (we start at 6.30 pm with coffee and biscuits)
  • Worship (contemporary)
  • Teaching (which seeks to connect the Word of God with the World of God)
  • Openness to the work of the Holy Spirit and Prayer Ministry

Interpreted Services

The 10.45 services are interpreted into sign language fortnightly. The interpreters work with the service leaders to make the services as accessible as possible for deaf people. We often use percussion instruments that give a sense of vibration as an alternative means of worship through rhythm.

Other church events – for example, Christmas and Easter services, the church weekend away, the annual Memorial service – can also be interpreted.

For more information contact Margaret Metcalfe or Peter Benson via the church office.

Getting Involved

People are involved in each service in different ways:

  • Welcoming
  • Serving refreshments
  • Arranging flowers
  • Operating audio-visual equipment
  • Operating sound equipment
  • Leading the services
  • Leading intercessions
  • Reading the Scriptures
  • Preaching
  • Prayer ministry

If you would like to be involved in the services in any of these ways please speak to one of the leaders of the services.