Our Values


To be a people transformed by God, seeking to transform our communities with love


  • Loving everyone
  • Belonging together
  • Teaching the gospel
  • Nurturing our children
  • Working in partnership with others
  • Being a dynamic local church

We are a church that seeks to draw on and give out the love of God.

We believe that relationships are important and therefore we encourage church members to belong to a small group for relationship building, discipleship and bible study.

We are committed to serving God with our gifts and see it as God’s calling on us to use those gifts in the church family, in the community, and in resourcing any work that extends His kingdom.

We are committed to helping people grow in their faith, placing a high value on training Christians for leadership and ministry in the church, and in the community.

We are a church that is serving the local community in many ways such as taking school assemblies, Happy Tots, and involvement in uniformed organizations and Hope Nottingham.

We are evangelical in theology and expect God to speak to us in worship and through the Bible; and to see Him at work transforming lives and situations by the power of His Holy Spirit.