It’s here at last! Everybody should be receiving a Challenge Sheet to give them something to do over the summer. We’re not expecting anyone to do them all (though by all means try to do so!) but there will be tasty prizes for anyone who achieves 12 or more – apply to the office or a warden.

Do tell the shops and pubs involved when you spot their sign and then tick them off your list.

Evidence of what you’ve done would be good but isn’t essential – post online or on the #lovechilwell board.


  1. Mark the following on the map: Greenland Crescent, Holly Lane, Holkham Ave, Kirkbride Court
  2. Have a swing at the Cator Lane Park
  3. Visit St Barnabas Inham Nook (see times on the board)
  4. Walk along your street, praying for every house OR (if you don’t live in Chilwell) find a street you’ve never been to before and walk along it, praying for those who live there
  5. Buy pasta or ice-cream in the Blenheim Drive Sainsbury’s
  6. Travel through Chilwell on the 36, indigo bus or tram, praying for the parish
  7. (Basic) Have a drink at the Cadland OR a coffee in Froth
  8. (Hard) Have a cold drink in five different pubs in Chilwell OR a hot drink in five different coffee shops/cob shops/restaurants (see notice for participating businesses) – tell us where you’ve been
  9. Draw a picture of your favourite building in Chilwell – don’t forget to sign it!
  10. Visit Chilwell Cemetery on Field Lane OR St Mary’s Attenborough to view the graves of those who died in the Chilwell munitions factory explosion of 1918 (134 people died)
  11. Attend a community event in the parish
  12. Find out the ghost story of Ghost House Lane! Or if you know it already, tell it to someone
  13. Take a selfie at five different bus stops
  14. Explore Chilwell’s Creative Corner! Buy something outdoors-y from Basecamp or flowers from Greenfingers
  15. (Not for the faint-hearted or bare-legged) Walk from High Road to Queens Road by going down Bridge Avenue and turning right
  16. Visit two or more of Chilwell’s blue plaques and read what they commemorate
  17. Take your family on the Willmot Blue Line treasure hunt
  18. Photograph the Bartons’ Quarter site (to be developed with 129 houses) and/or pray for those who will live there
  19. Email one of the local councillors for a good reason or just to wish them well
  20. Nominate the Best-Kept Garden in Chilwell and explain your choice in writing, drawing or photograph
  21. Write a specific prayer request for a school or business in Chilwell on the #lovechilwell board
  22. Stand outside Central College for ten minutes, counting the number of dogs and bikes you see
  23. Find out which Chilwell business is Broxtowe Borough Council’s “Family Business of the Year”!